Boy vs. Chair

Created and Performed by: Matt Hertendy and Matthew Venner

Premiered: Fresh Meat 5. Arts Court Studio.

“The Boy wants to sit in a chair, but first must navigate any and all hurdles The Chair may throw his way. A modern day parable about the theatre artist’s endless plight of putting ‘butts in seats’.”


Joseph Hutt, On Stage Ottawa: “one that I would most like to see once, twice, or even more”

“exceptionally Cronenburg-y”

“will leave you feeling more than a little unsettled”

Ian Huffam, New Ottawa Critics: “an enjoyable if confusing experience.”

“a whole-hearted embrace of the principles behind Fresh Meat” 

Kat Fournier, Capital Critics Circle: “Hertendy and Venne[r] are advantaged by their awkward physical presences on stage, and this show will undoubtedly give you the giggles.”