Way back in September of 2014, Matt Hertendy was casting the role of Ferdinand for his production of The Tempest, and was looking for a nice kind boy. Enter, Matt Venner.

“Cast me that nice kind boy!” demanded Hertendy. And so began the first collaboration between the Two Kind Boys.

Two Kind Boys in Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s The Tempest.

Hertendy was soon forced to take an acting role in The Tempest, as Alonso, the father of Ferdinand. You could cut the chemistry with a knife.

The next collaboration between the Boys, came in the 2015 Youth Infringement Festival, which saw Hertendy directing Venner in Kyle Cunningham’s Plastic Castle. 

Matt Venner, in Plastic Castle (Youth Infringement 2015)

Returning to Sock ‘n’ Buskin in September of 2015 for a production of Dr. Faustus, Matt & Matt began applying to various Fringe festivals, the boys found themselves hung up on a “company name”. This begged the question: “What do you call two kind boys who just want to make theatre?”

With that, the Two Kind Boys were born. The Boys aim to tell compelling,
honest and relatable stories, that will both touch the heart of the audience, and make them laugh along the way.

And hopefully make a ton of friends doing it. Because we are Two Kind Boys.

Since then, Two Kind Boys premiered Rideshares & Rope Swings at the 2016 Ottawa Fringe Festival. This production went on to win two 2016 Prix Rideau Awards for Outstanding New Creation and Emerging Artist of the Year (Matt Hertendy). Most recently, Two Kind Boys premiered Boy Vs. Chair, at the 5th annual Fresh Meat DIY Theatre Festival.